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Favour selections
. 4 inch lightsticks
. 6 inch glow sticks
. 1.5inch mini light sticks
. Slim glow stick
. Fat chemical light sticks
. 8 inch glow bracelets
. 8inch light bracelets
. 22" light rope,lite rope
. 22 inch glow necklace
. Glowing badges
. Chemical light badges
. Glow glasses
. Glow hair pin
. Glow lantern
. Glow monster mouth
. Light stick for military
. 8" chem. light bracelets
. 22" light rope, lite ropes

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We are China professional factory specialized in manufacturing and exporting all kinds and all size of chemiluminescent glow in the dark novelty. Such as:

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Powder light sticks (glow sticks) are our new technologh. The advantage of powder glow sticks are:
1. the light could last for longer time, more than 30 hours
2. more luminance than traditional liquid glow sticks.
3. no weak. The traditional liquid light sticks glow weak by weak since it start-up. But the powder glow sticks will not. Even the 10th hours since it start-up, the powder glowsticks still offer same luminance as the first hour.
For more information about the new-tech powder lightsticks, please hit here

Our light sticks are EN71 and ASTM (F963-03) approved.
Our glow sticks (light sticks) are DBP free, specially made for European market.

We also manufacture lava lamp, glitter lamp, lava lite, magma lamp, oil lamp
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Hot Sell Products

Taper shape glow sticks
Length: 6 inch

lollipop glow stick, glow in the dark lollipop stick, glow stick for candy lollipop

light sticks
15mm diameter
light sticks

Length: 8--15inch

light sticks
20mm diameter
light stick
Length: 10-16inch

glow stick
24 inch glow ropes/ lite rope
05mm diameter
with connectors

glow fishing
Fishing light stick
with clip

Length: 6 inch

glow badge
Powder light sticks

More light, longer light
Size: 1-15mm diameter
1-12inch length

glow classes
Glow glasses
Made by 2pcs 05200 lite sticks with form

glow monster mouth
4inch light stick
taper shape
With hook

Why use glow sticks--
Our chemical glow products are great for:
Party, concert, fishing, halloween, carnivals, Christmas light, diving, safe purpose, military, emergency aid-pack, wendding, emergency light, giveaway gifts, promotions, camping, survive, traffic warning light, Special Events, Bars, Nightclubs, dance hall, banquet, festival, celebration, outing fields, Survival Kits, Hunting, fire department, power outage, etc...
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