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Directions of the Products





1, The light stick is made up of two parts, one is the glass tube, another is the plastic tube. The liquid of the plastic and the glass tube is different. When you use it, making light stick bent gently, break down the glass tube in the plastic tube, waving gently, make the two liquids be fully mixed with the glass tube and plastic tube for the purpose of optimum light effect. Directions of the products

Use it while rave dancing, singing,sell hello to your favourite superstars,hallowmas,fireworks and all kinds of parties.....
Birthday Wedding
For camping, adventure, hunt
Traffic, Police or power shortage
For fishing

3, The chemical products that the light stick used had been tested by a specialized organization, are toxin less, harmless, non-radiate, non-inflame, and non-explode.

The liquids of light stick cannot be used for food and have strong adhesion. If it is leaky, it will easy to dirt furniture, floor, clothes, skin and so on. You need clean it in time. If the liquids of light stick came into your eye, you will timely wash it with clear water or see a doctor

5. During transportation and storage, the light stick should avoid high temperature, direct under the sun, tricking strongly and falling down. The preserve time is two years.

Glow products have an infinite number of uses.
We are thinking of new uses for glow light sticks and glow light products every day.

If you do any activity at night or anywhere dark, you could use a glow stick or glow product!

Glow Safety
Personnel and equipment identification
Area Markers
Automobile Safety
Use light sticks as a vehicle marker when pulled to the side of the road, or after an accident
Keep one in your glove compartment for emergencies
Use light sticks to signal for help
Fire and Police Departments
Use light sticks when gas leaks or other dangers pose a serious risk
Traffic Control – use light sticks in hands and as area markers
Natural Disasters
Storm emergency - hurricane, typhoon
Safe, non-heat producing light during power outages
Use light sticks in case of fire or emergency
Search and Rescue
Use light sticks for overnight mooring without depleting on-board batteries. Red, Green and white colors can be used to signal the port, starboard and stern of a moored vessel.
Attach a light stick to your Personal Floatation Devices in case of emergency
Use Glow sticks as running lights. Running lights on a boat can use a lot of battery power. Try using our light sticks as running lights on your boat.
Home Safety
Power outages
Outdoor Night Events
Kid’s Night Lights
Animal Identification
Halloween Safety

Glow for Fun and Profit
Selling, Fundraising or just having fun at:
Amusement Parks
Fourth of July
Mardi Gras
Special Event Decoration
Fireworks Celebrations
Wedding Receptions
Canada Day
Promotional Giveaways
Pool Parties
Country Fairs
Beach Parties
Paper Lantern Illumination
Rock Concerts
Home Coming
Jack O Lantern Illumination
Birthday Parties
School Dances
Slumber Parties

Glow Sports
Night Ultimate Frisbee Games
Glow Bowling
Night Frisbee Golf
Glow Mini Golf
Night Volleyball
Night Golf
Glow Curling
Night Skiing
SCUBA Diving - carry for light, to identify other divers, or use as a danger signal


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